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Einstein’s 360° Thought Experiment

Fig 655a. National Geographic Channel

Format: Immersive Experience c.2017

Einstein's famous thought experiments took place in the realm of his imagination. Go inside the mind of a genius in this immersive, web-based interactive 360° VR  experience.

National Geographic brought the extraordinary life of Albert Einstein to television with a series that featured both his most formative relationships and revolutionary discoveries. We were challenged to use modern technology to make one of his most complicated fundamental ideas entertaining and understandable. We let viewers use VR and interactive 360-degree technology go inside one of history’s greatest minds to learn how he thought. 

To accomplish the task of teaching such a sophisticated topic we immersed ourselves in one of his groundbreaking Thought Experiments, distilling it down to a beautiful representation steeped in imagination. We resolved to push the boundaries of visual storytelling by building a painterly blend of 2D Illustrations and 3D environments that would bring the sense of time and space necessary to our topic. 

Project Services

  • User Experience
  • Conceptualization
  • R and D Prototyping
  • Copy and Content
  • Animation
  • Illustration
  • Sound Design
  • Video Production
  • Design
  • Development

Going Inside the Mind of a Genius

We used WebVR to make one of his most complicated fundamental ideas entertaining and understandable and allowed any viewer with a desktop, tablet, or smartphone to step inside the experiment.

Excerpt from the full 360-degree video trailer 

The Most Accessible Virtual Reality The Most Accessible Virtual Reality

As a way to show, instead of lecture, we used the power of browser-based Virtual Reality to place any viewer with a smartphone inside the experiment so that they could grasp a concept so heavily centered around perspective. Our Genius Thought Experiment combined innovation, technology, and imagination, all pivotal pieces of our process. We were excited to accomplish a feat of education and entertainment that can serve as a resource for future thinkers and inquisitive minds.

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