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Life Below  Zero

Format: Website c.2014
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Life Below Zero

Brrrrrr! The trials and terrors of the arctic tundra are broadcast and met with firm resolve by stalwart homesteaders in the wilds of Alaska, and viewers around the world watch in awe. The adventure continues in the warmer digital climes of our visual narrative expedition. Now,  mush!

Life in the lower 48 states can be difficult, but the challenges presented by Alaska’s extreme weather and dangerous wildlife demand total commitment from those who choose to test their mettle against the forces of nature. Chronicling the struggles and triumphs of hearty Alaskans living in the frozen tundra, National Geographic Channel’s Life Below Zero explores a way of life that most Americans will never know firsthand. Unprecedented access to the stars of the show allowed us to create something truly special. The Life Below Zero Demands website, steeped in arctic ambience, provides a visually engaging narrative extension of the series for LBZ fans and newcomers alike.

Project Services

  • User Experience
  • Conceptualization
  • Animation
  • Sound Design
  • Video Production
  • Design
  • Development

The Process

We chose to build the experience around the virtues that it takes to live life above the Arctic Circle: perseverance, ingenuity, resourcefulness, awareness, and bravery. Each cast member represented a specific virtue, which we highlighted in their individual narratives. We were able to work with the series’ BBC production company to secure all-new footage featuring the stars of the show, enabling us to offer site visitors exclusive video and audio content.

From top to bottom, everything on the site was designed to convey the severity of the Alaskan experience. In addition to the gripping narrative for each cast member, every virtue page features an avalanche of richly-illustrated facts about the stars of the show and the nuances of living in Alaska. Video interviews and sound clips give the cast members opportunities to tell their stories in their own words, while ambient soundscapes and subtle animations create a cohesive sense of immersion throughout the entire site. 

  • Audio Interviews

    Audio Interviews

    Cast members recorded live interviews in the field to add authenticity to the experience.

  • Visceral Imagery

    Visceral Imagery

    Bold, compelling photos accompany enlightening narratives that help the reader get a personal view of each cast member's unique lifestyle.

  • Share the Adventure

    Share the Adventure

    At the conclusion of each page, fans have an opportunity to participate in the adventure by accepting a personal challenge based on each virtue.

Life Below Zero: Behind the Scenes

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