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No Man Left  Behind

Format: Promo c.2016
Fig 629a. National Geographic Channel
No Man Left Behind

The battle-forged bonds between warriors who fight side by side are like no other. Here, far from the dangers that nearly claimed their lives, heroes recount their bold deeds in striking, visceral  detail.

Even when forced to endure the horrors of war, human beings are capable of extraordinary acts of bravery, determination, and heroism. Lifelong bonds can form between dedicated team members in the midst of violence and chaos, and some people are able to discover hidden reserves of strength when they are confronted with the possibility of imminent death. National Geographic Channel’s No Man Left Behind tells the gripping stories of people thrust into harrowing circumstances who stayed alive to tell their tales in their own words.

Compelling samples of the havoc that inspired the series offer glimpses of pivotal moments from conflicts that took place all over the world. Socially seeded teaser videos offer captivating previews of incredibly dire scenarios by featuring personal interviews with key participants, pulse-pounding dramatic recreations, and fluid animated graphics. From the intense Battle of Mogadishu to the daring jungle escape and rescue of a Vietnam War prisoner, each video highlights the severity of the situation and the indomitable spirit it took to overcome it.

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The Real Black Hawk Down

Short teaser videos introduce viewers to the scenarios and survivors of each gripping tale. Here, three brave U.S. soldiers who fought against desperate odds in the 1993 Battle of Mogadishu tell their heroic story of survival in "The Real Black Hawk Down."