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Building Titanic iPad  App

Format: Mobile App c.2012
Fig 271a. National Geographic Channel
Building Titanic iPad App

Gaze through an i-portal to the past and bear witness to the industrial might that raised the infamous Titanic from her raw steel frame to Shipshape and Bristol  fashion.

We flexed our technological craftsmanship and digital might to create "Building Titanic" — a unique and comprehensive Titanic interactive experience available for the iPad. The app was originally created as a Flash-based online experience for National Geographic Channel's "Rebuilding the Titanic" webpage. We re-developed the experience to work in iOS using the Adobe AIR runtime.

The app's features and content all stylistically leverage the grace of the Edwardian era. This interactive portal to another time grants its users the ability to observe the construction of this remarkable feat of engineering in a tastefully arranged chronological timeline. From a fixed perspective, the visitor can fast forward or rewind history to see the Titanic grow from the ground up.

The unique look and feel of the experience was achieved through a carefully planned combination of stop-motion animation and CGI effects. The timeline navigation can be paused at key milestones in Titanic's construction for a deeper examination of content. Informative nuggets reveal the history and inside story of this tragic marvel. Included in the timeline’s major historical milestones are dozens of content modules that contain more than 100 features composed of archival video, images and historical facts.

Featured as "New and Noteworthy" and "What's Hot" in the iTunes store, this free app averaged nearly 1,100 downloads per day since its launch, putting in on track to surpass 250,000 downloads by the end of 2012. The Web-based version of this app kept Titanic fans actively engaged and entertained for an average of five minutes per visit. Much to our delight, the app was also used as a centerpiece of the Titanic 100 Exhibit at the Nat Geo Museum and was selected as a featured case study for a Promax BDA event in New York.

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