National Geographic

Everest Educational Experience

Fig 817a. National Geographic

Format: Web Experience c.2022

Conquer the treacherous Mount Everest, Earth’s highest mountain above sea level, without leaving the comfort (and warmth) of your own  classroom.

Climbing Mount Everest is dangerous and difficult but teaching students about Mount Everest should be easy. We teamed up with National Geographic Education to create a set of interactive educational resources with student engagement and learning top of mind. We crafted an educational interactive platform that is both super engaging and relevant to kids, while simultaneously helps to immerse them in the world, and most importantly connect them to what explorers are currently doing today. No need for pickaxes, ropes, cold-weather gear, or expensive tickets to Nepal. The only required gear is a mobile device.

Four fascinating activities await our young adventures. To start, students are free to explore an interactive 3-D model of Mount Everest where they can visit points of interest, enjoy breathtaking photographs, and learn more about this arduous journey. Then, a series of graphics featuring an animated climber depict the effects to the human body when an individual makes the trip from sea level to the summit at 29,032 feet. (Spoiler Alert: It’s not great.) From there, students learn how to talk to their team using important words and phrases from the indigenous Sherpa language. And finally, a mathematical game challenges students to figure out how many tanks of oxygen it takes to make it to the top and back safely.

Project Services

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