NBC Sports

Tour de  France

Format: Promo c.2012
Fig 474a. NBC Sports
Tour de France

Experience a visual fall from the heavens straight into the Tour de France. This kinetigraphical wonder aids race aficionados in monitoring the progress of their favorite  cyclists.

Every year, the video assets and transitions used in the Tour de France television broadcast get better. This year, the visuals got even betterer after NBC Sports asked NeoPangea to get involved. Long-time video transition and design veterans, we conceived and delivered a template system for video graphics that would take a viewer "from the edge of space, to the heart of the race."

NBC Sports wanted us to enhance the illusion of actually being at the Tour de France by incorporating the relatable "You Are Here" tagline in these dynamic animations. Zooming in from a photorealistic high-altitude view of the course, the viewer passed through clouds and scaling informative graphics into live-action video of the race in progress. We incorporated style elements of NBC Sports' existing branding and upped the futuristic ante by applying a few coats of high-tech digital paint to this client-curated graphics package.

Everything was updatable with current stage name, route completion status, and map location. The deliverables were optimized for efficient implementation, enabling the graphics package to be quickly and easily updated.

Thanks to our Photoshop and After Effects sorcery, the resulting visuals enhanced an already exhilarating experience for cycling enthusiasts everywhere.

Project Services

  • Animation
  • Video Production
  • Design
  • Post Editorial