Ms. Whinny  NeighNeigh

Format: Promo c.2016
Fig 612a. NeoPangea
Ms. Whinny NeighNeigh

An equine emissary of holiday goodwill gallops across the country and into the hearts of all who behold her magical horn, a solitary symbol of hope crafted in papier-mâché  finery.

In keeping with our grand tradition of spreading holiday cheer to our favorite people via aberrant gifts, in 2015, we created Ms. Whinny NeighNeigh, our precious unicorn friend, to deliver our best wishes. Assembled by our highly trained contingent of merry makers, she was equipped with a splendid Ribbon of Levitation and accompanied by our delightfully dangerous Holiday Tickle Stick. Ms. Whinny descended from her cloud of perpetual mirth to shower our friends all over the country with guilt-free holiday stress relief. As our harbinger of happier times during the holiday season, Ms. Whinny NeighNeigh ferried charms of all sorts, including sugary delights, mischievous gags, and stress appeasers. One of Ms. Whinny NeighNeigh biggest secrets was her capacity to hold an aquatic stuffed version of herself within.

The key to releasing these charms was in forcibly placing the Holiday Tickle Stick adjacent to her bosom, repeatedly. When an outburst of joy was achieved, Ms. Whinny NeighNeigh showered those distressed by holiday vexations with her magnificent numbles. Mad scrambles ensued, but unlike those taking place in our modern market places, delightful merriment followed for all those who tickled our fuchsia-haired steed. It was the ultimate sacrifice, but one that was not in vain, as evinced by the fact that many of her new friends chronicled their first and only experience together. You have our eternal thanks, Ms. Whinny NeighNeigh; you, and you alone, knew the truest essence of giving is to give until it hurts. We will never forget your sacrifice nor the holiday gaiety you brought to those so near and dear to us. 

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