Reading Bakery Systems

Reading Bakery Systems VR

Fig 636a. Reading Bakery Systems

Format: Trade Show Booth c.2019

Virtually transport yourself across the world to Reading Bakery’s Innovation Center and see high end machines at work in augmented and virtual  reality.

Reading Bakery Systems knows all of the Secrets of Snacking. How does a pretzel get its twist? How does a cheese curl get its poof? This global leader in reliable, high-volume snack food production systems has the answers. Companies from all over the world call upon RBS to create innovative production systems capable of creating virtually any kind of deliciousness that can tempt your taste buds. In the RBS Science & Innovation Center, clients can collaborate with the RBS team to test processes, produce market samples, and more. While their products are amazing, one of the challenges RBS faces is that these grand machines and installations generally cannot be transported to trade shows or demonstrated during sales meetings, and prospective clients usually want to see these things in action before making decisions.

Now, Reading Bakery Systems reps can instantly transport anyone into the RBS facilities using one of two Virtual Reality applications. With an Oculus Rift headset and custom VR app, Tradeshow visitors are immersed in 360-degree high-definition video scenes captured in key areas of the RBS facility. While sales representatives around the world are armed with an iOS version of the same VR app for quick and easy demonstrations using their iPhones. Both apps offer a convenient, intuitive way to explore RBS innovations. Viewers simply turn their head any way they please to examine the sights and sounds of each bustling, machine-filled scene. (Sadly, the delightful smells remain out of reach for the moment.) To navigate through different areas and to activate featured pop-up videos that exist within each scene, viewers focus their gaze on floating navigational elements for easy hands-free control. Forward-looking design makes it easy to keep things current by adding new content, which allows this unique sales tool to evolve.

Project Services

  • Conceptualization
  • R and D Prototyping
  • Video Production
  • Design
  • Development