CES Tower of  Power

Format: Promo c.2008
Fig 168a. Sansa
CES Tower of Power

We were delighted to assist Cog1 in depicting Sansa's personal phonographic accessories in virtual space using our electropixel devices. We built, lit, and animated the models as well as created fantastical scenes from a collage of imagery. It will surely knock you into a cocked  hat!

Sansa offers you data, music and video in the palm of your hand. We modeled their core devices in 3D and built videos and interactives that demonstrate how they have something that can fulfill anything that's on your mobile entertainment wishlist.

The Challenge

SanDisk Sansa players are these really tight handheld video devices. Our goal was to demonstrate the functionality of the players in both the video and interactive mediums.

The Solution

We modeled the devices in 3-D to be utilized for video and interactive promotions. The in-depth interactive we crafted allows users to discover and then interact with the players, showcasing their many capabilities.

The Success

SanDisk pushed the product to center stage within their core website and in all commercial campaigns. This site had been seen by over 15,000 unique visitors per day!

Project Services

  • Animation
  • Sound Design
  • Design
  • Post Editorial