Fig 202a. Snapple

Format: Interactive Video c.2011

Find over a hundred hidden videos, games, gifs, and oddities in an extraordinary treasure trove of interactive goodness, the world's most annotated YouTube  video.

We put the fizz in a bottle of charming irreverence when we created the most annotated video on YouTube for the good people at Snapple. We partnered with the creative team at Campfire to sweeten the "Lunch break beats" video with over a hundred hidden links to interactives, websites, video shorts and other tasty bestness created for the viewer's amusement.

The Challenge

We were granted the opportunity to take the "Snapple Lunch break beats" music video and make it a unique and intriguing point of interest on YouTube. We set out to create an experience which visitors would want to share with their friends. The strategy would have to engage, entice and impress die-hard Snapple fans and also be viral enough to appeal to the average web surfer. Finding the right formula with a capricious YouTube audience was a major challenge so our approach needed to be fresh while paying respect to the product's established image.

The Solution

The solution was to not only make one video "go viral" but to transform the music video into over a hundred different memes of the original, each set to "go viral" themselves. The final project resulted in the most annotated video on YouTube. We set out to create content for over one hundred links strategically placed throughout the video. To do this within a tight timeline, we needed to repurpose the existing content of the music video into a treasure hunt of over 100 spreadable internet toys, videos, and other goodies. Even finding half of the total number of extras would grant a visitor bragging rights on their Facebook wall.

The Success

"Snapple Lunch break beats" has been a playful and engaging experience for the visitors who have acquainted themselves with it. On the day it premiered on YouTube, the video drew 464,983 views marking how well it was received by our audience. That public statistic alone indicates the annotated video's success as a compelling and potentially viral experience that would increase new product awareness for Snapple and bolster their presence in the market space. Current public YouTube statistics indicate an average of 3,200 new Snapple Facebook page likes a week and an additional 5,000+ increase in Facebook page visits each week reflecting that viewers continue to be drawn to the video. 

Project Services

  • R and D Prototyping
  • Animation
  • Illustration
  • Sound Design
  • Video Production
  • Design
  • Post Editorial