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Craft Beer Pretzel Rings

Fig 743a. Unique Snacks

Format: Voice & Identity c.2021

Throw back a couple of cold ones and discover how we helped this cleverly shaped pretzel become beer’s best  friend.

The craft beer industry has set the standard for innovation with a seemingly endless variety of recipes, ingredients, and brewing methods. Not one to let them have all the fun, Unique Snacks has matched them every step of the way by constantly improving, testing, and tasting (how do you get that job?) their elite line of products. Their latest breakthrough? An untwisted twist on a twisted favorite, the Sourdough Craft Beer Pretzel Rings, the very first, all-natural, sourdough craft beer pretzel.

Letting the world know about a snack that’s the perfect complement to a cold craft beer, yet capable of taking center stage itself? Just the right balance of classic and creative? Well, that’s where we bellied up to the bar…and raised it.

We highlighted this quirky ring-shaped pretzel with a campaign that was time honored and refined with just a hint of irreverence. Yes, these are top-of-the-line pretzels made with high quality ingredients, but they don’t take themselves too seriously.

To add an air of elegance, we crafted the packaging to boast vintage, gold accents, a nod to the company’s German heritage, against a striking green background. A lone pretzel ring holding a defiant pose for all the world to marvel at its simple, yet bold design.

The ad emphasizes the features that elevate these pretzels above all others; the clever design, the beer-inspired ingredients, all punctuated by the act of a snack that “crowns its craft” as it majestically lands perfectly around the beer bottle’s neck.

The result is a premium product, that knows how to ring in the fun.

Project Services

  • Conceptualization
  • Copy and Content
  • Animation
  • Illustration
  • Sound Design
  • Video Production
  • Design

Craft Beer Pretzel Rings