Wally's Adventure Game

Fig 730a. Wawa

Format: Augmented Reality Game c.2020

Help Wawa’s mascot Wally collect kids meals in this 3D, endlessly replayable AR Adventure game created in support of Wawa’s Kids  Meals.

Trying to stand out in the saturated space of kids meal premiums is a challenge, but one that is doubly compounded when your kids meals are brand new! To help our friends at Wawa make a splash, we created Wally’s Adventure Game—an Augmented Reality kid’s activity that’s easy and fun combining the engaging gameplay of Flappy Bird with endless runner games like Temple Run. You play alongside Wally—Wawa’s charming goose mascot—who sets out on an AR Adventure to fly through the forest collecting Kids Meals. You need to tell him when to flap his wings and move left or right as he flies around trees, over fences, and beneath menacing storm clouds on an endlessly building trail. Fly forever, picking up an increasing number of collectibles, but be careful as three strikes into obstacles means you’re out and need to restart.

The game is a casual, accessible, low-poly treat, but what makes Wally’s Adventure Game special is where it takes place. Kids can play the game through any mobile browser on their tabletop, car seat, carpet, and more! As an AR Game, the magic comes from seeing a miniature Wally flying through a little low-poly game world before your eyes, and taking full control of what you see as you maneuver around the game board zooming in or changing your perspective. This takes advantage of what AR does the best: bringing characters and fun moments into the room with you. The game is easily accessible through a QR code both on the Kids Meal boxes and on special trading cards within, so getting to the activity is easy! And—since the game is playable in web browsers instead of an app—there’s no barrier to entry like you would see with downloadables.

Project Services

  • Strategy
  • User Experience
  • Conceptualization
  • R and D Prototyping
  • Animation
  • Illustration
  • Sound Design
  • Design
  • Development