Forensic Detective Wins FWA

Forensic Detective Wins FWA

We’re excited to announce that our hot new AR app, Forensic Detective, has received an FWA award! FWA is a highly-coveted and prestigious award that honors innovative, boundary-pushing websites and apps. Projects are submitted on a daily basis to FWA’s international team of 200 judges who conduct high-stakes real-time judging.

We’ve been talking about Forensic Detective: Inside the Crime Scene, our latest AR app created for Oxygen Network, for a while now. And we’re honored that others — like FWA, Variety, Popsugar and Fast Company — are talking about it, too.

Forensic Detective is an escape room style mobile app that surrounds players with a life-size, hologram-like crime scene, and equips them with the evidence and tools they need to identify the murderer. It’s one of the very first AR apps to allow elements to be placed on walls, not just floors, which creates an immersive, 360 degree investigative experience. Learn more about the game here.

FWA recognizes and awards innovative projects of any medium or technology. Projects are submitted to FWA’s international team of 200 judges who conduct real-time judging.