Now Recruiting Mars Colonists
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Now Recruiting Mars Colonists

With the brave Daedalus crew weeks away from landing on Mars to begin their historic colonization efforts, the International Mars Science Foundation (IMSF) is already searching for the next wave of Martian pioneers.

The IMSF is determined to establish a permanent human presence on Mars, and their initial crew of six colonists will need plenty of help to get a new civilization up and running. Future missions to the Red Planet will offer unique opportunities to adventurous scientists, engineers, pilots, and other professionals looking for the challenge of a lifetime.

Think you have what it takes? Register for the recruitment program at today and experience more than a dozen exciting interactive mission simulations to test your Martian mettle. Use your smartphone with Google Cardboard to fly the Daedalus spacecraft, command advanced robotics, drive a Martian rover, and more in virtual reality, or stick with this reality and play using standard devices and controls.

Perform well enough, and you might just earn a place in this historic interplanetary endeavor.