PromaxBda Award!
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PromaxBda Award!

American Blackout, a chilling vision of the United States without electricity we made for National Geographic Channel, has been honored with a silver award in the North America promaxbda awards in the “Program Promotion Website” category.

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Throughout the world, the PromaxBDA Awards competitions stand for marketing excellence in the media marketing space and collectively, through its numerous regional and sector-specific competitions, are regarded as the most prestigious awards for creative endeavor in this field.

Spanning ten days of a nationwide blackout, is a visually-striking tour through a country in chaos, offering a wealth of original content that enhances the American Blackout experience. We crafted a photorealistic world in the midst of crumbling and gave curious voyeurs the ability to watch society’s deterioration unfold a day at a time.

Exploring these thoroughly-researched elements not only gave viewers a sense of the danger that an extended blackout would present, but it also revealed valuable information and tips that could literally mean the difference between life and death during a disaster scenario. Learn more about the project in our portfolio.