Hunting for a Front-End Developer

Hunting for a Front-End Developer

NeoPangea is looking for a full-time front-end developer to join the wizard's guild in their West Reading studio.

So what exactly are we asking of an applicant? First and foremost, you should be comfortable enough working with HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript that integrating with any framework or plugin we dream up is child's play, or at least will be after a bit of research.

Required Skills:

  • Standards Compliant HTML5 and CSS3
  • JavaScript best practices and frameworks, including Angular
  • MediaQueries/Flexbox/responsive frameworks
  • jQuery/jQueryUI/jQuery Mobile, and related plugins
  • Animation frameworks like GSAP
  • CSS extensions like Sass/Less
  • Git
  • Bower, etc.
  • Task runners like Grunt/Gulp

Experience with:

  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Server-side language(s), especially PHP
  • Command line
  • Canvas-based technologies like WebGL/Phaser a big plus

Professional skills, including:

  • Responsive design principles
  • Rapid prototyping and interaction design for business processes, web, mobile, software and other applications
  • Agile development
  • Utilizing 3rd party APIs such as Flickr, Google Maps, YouTube, and PointRoll

Building templates for / or tapping into CMS frameworks, including:

  • MODX
  • Drupal
  • WordPress
  • Django

For instance, on a regular basis you will have to integrate with jQuery and GSAP, post and pull content from APIs like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Maps, consider responsive/mobile layouts for  iOS & Android, plus build front-end styling and templates to integrate with 3rd-party and custom content management systems, such as WordPress, MODX, etc.

On top of those requisite skills, you should also have that indefinable something that sets you apart. Surrounded by an environment of playful shenanigans and unbridled enthusiasm, our developers are encouraged to experiment with new toys and technologies to bring novel ways of thinking to the Internet realm. Some recent work includes: an immersive HTML5/CSS3 experience for National Geographic Channel, American Blackout; a parallax kiosk, desktop, iPad, and mobile experience all using the same markup, Rise of the Robots; and a SXSW-finalist robotic “dunk tank” that used live video-streaming and Phidgets microcontrollers to coordinate an internet-aimable NERF gun and an array of self-sensing targets that trigger an armory of foam weapons, our Intern Abuser. Check out our portfolio to explore our other efforts.

At NeoPangea, we’re focused on remaining small and nimble, which means that we only bring on rock stars with industry experience who have learned their craft through years of hard work and self-motivated experimentation. If that sounds like you so far, ask yourself if you’re also comfortable with working in a group, dealing with clients and deadlines, and open to constructive criticism and suggestions. Proximity to the Philly region and ability to work onsite at our Reading studio is a requirement.

Still sound like you? This job is like getting dropped out of an airplane, pulling the parachute 100 feet above the ground, and sprinting as soon as your feet hit the ground, so we have just a few more questions. Do you have work in your portfolio on the level of what you've seen? Would you be comfortable if we put you on the spot for a parallax estimate or a CSS question? You would? Congratulations! The secret knock is twice, then once, then twice. We can’t wait to meet you.

NeoPangea has awesome healthcare, dental, vision, life, and 401k. We also go on adventures, which you can Google and find for yourself.

Please send us your salary requirements, resume as a URL, PDF, or TXT file (NO WORD DOCS) and URLs to your work. Please describe your role in the project, how many other developers worked with you, and what your learned. We’d also love to hear any professional or personal goals you may have for your future.

Apply to: [email protected]

No Phone Calls ~ No Recruiters ~ No Offshore Outsourcing