NeoPangeans at PromaxBDA
Press Release

NeoPangeans at PromaxBDA

NeoPangea is proud to announce that a trio of our finest members will be presenting and serving as panelists at a PromaxBDA event at New York University on December 6, 2012. PromaxBDA is an international organization dedicated to supporting and developing professionals who work in television and video marketing. Joined by fellow industry luminaries from TV Land, IFC, BE Creative, and other organizations, Brett, Aaron, and Jason will be waxing philosophical on the realities of working in entertainment advertising in a world of ever-expanding media environments.

In addition to serving on the discussion panel, NeoPangea will present a case study of our Building Titanic project, which enjoyed an extended run in the spotlight due in part to its multiple versions. The project was ported to multiple platforms with minimal adjustments, reaching several distinct audiences with different positive outcomes. As tablet computers and smart phones continue to play larger roles in our daily lives, maximizing deployment opportunities for each media project will be increasingly critical, and NeoPangea is leading the charge.

Originally a web-based experience, Building Titanic evolved into multiple iPad apps, making the experience portable and customizable. One version of the app included advertisements for the National Geographic Channel's related programming and was downloaded more than 250,000 times, while another version was created specifically for use in Titanic-themed museum exhibitions.

If you'll be near NYU on December 6 and would like to attend the session, just email [email protected] for more details!