Our Deadliest App Yet
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Our Deadliest App Yet

One of the best mobile games of 2018.

 — Popsugar

Top 50 entertainment apps in the App Store.

 — App Store on iTunes

“The adult version of ‘Clue’ you’ve been waiting for.”

 — Oxygen

When our friends at Oxygen asked us to create an augmented reality app that was tied to the network’s crime-focused rebrand, things got...deadly.

Forensic Detective: Inside the Crime Scene is the latest mobile app off the NeoPangea AR press. Since its release at CrimeCon back in May, Forensic Detective has caught the eye of Variety, Popsugar, and Fast Company, and is quickly climbing the ranks as one of the top entertainment apps in the App Store!

This escape room-style game will put your detective skills to the test when you’re dropped in the middle of a murder scene. Using your iPhone or iPad as a window into the investigation, scan the room for evidence like blood samples, fingerprints, and bullet holes, and check them against suspect records and profiles. It’s a race against the clock to see if you can piece all of the clues together and identify the cold-blooded killer!

Think you have what it takes to solve a murder? Solve the case before time runs out!

Learn more about the "Forensic Detective: Inside the Crime Scene" app.