Titanic Raised for iPad
Press Release

Titanic Raised for iPad

Nearly one hundred years ago when the RMS Titanic was finished she was the largest moving man-made object in the world. It took thousands of Harland & Wolff ship builders in Belfast, Ireland over three years to construct her. When Titanic sailed on her maiden voyage on April 10th, 1912 she was hailed as "the new wonder of the world", the largest and most luxuriously appointed ship ever seen. Her unfathomable sinking weighed heavy on the hearts of the Irish laborers who committed their life-blood to building her.

Recently featured as "new and noteworthy" in the iTunes store and featured on Gizmodo. The App was originally created as a Flash-based online experience for National Geographic Channel's "Rebuilding the Titanic" webpage. NeoPangea re-developed the experience to work in iOS using the Adobe AIR runtime. Its features and content all stylistically leverage the grace of the Edwardian era. The experience grants its users the ability to observe the construction of this remarkable feat of engineering in a tastefully arranged chronological timeline. From a fixed perspective, the visitor can fast forward or rewind history to see the Titanic grow from the ground up.

The App's unique look and feel was achieved through a carefully planned combination of stop-motion animation and CGI effects. The timeline navigation can be paused at key milestones in Titanic's construction for a deeper examination of content. Informational nuggets reveal the history and inside story of this enduring marvel. Included in the timeline's major historical milestones are dozens of content modules that contain over 100 features composed of archival video, images and historical facts.

In order to provide as extensive an experience as possible, the National Geographic Channel reached out to the National Museums of Northern Ireland who generously donated materials from their elaborate Titanic archive. Included in the archival content are rarely seen period photos of the builders of Titanic, the components of the ship, the ship in several stages of its construction, and the magnificent amenities she had on board. Video derived from historical film reels will grant the audience an extraordinary glimpse at Titanic’s assembly and launch as it was viewed in the original moving pictures of the day.

"Publishing this App has been a great experience for our team. We know that Apple is very selective about what they place on their App store and it makes us feel a lot of pride to not only have this App out there, but to also have it acknowledged as "New and Noteworthy". We are very grateful to the folks at the National Geographic Channel for offering us this opportunity" stated NeoPangea's Adobe AIR guru Shane Hoffa. "I feel like the King of the World!" exclaims Hoffa as he quickly strikes his best Jack Dawson while embracing NeoPangea’s startled Project manager Phillip Krick from behind. Bon Voyage boys!

Check out the "Building the Titanic" experience for yourself.