RFID used for personalization in museum exhibits
Project Launch

Invisible Technology Brings Personalization, Accessibility, and Localization

Implementing personalization, accessibility, and localization can be a pain point. It's expensive. It's hard. But what if it doesn't have to be?

What if we could create personalized exhibits, customized exhibitions, and museum experiences that are more exciting and accessible without any friction for the visitor?

Meet RFID. Your new BFF. Well, I'm sure you've already met.

For well over half a century, RFID tech has been tracking us in employee badges, keyless entry, toll road tags, and contactless payments. Handy? Sure. Exciting? Nope.

So we asked, what if RFID could be used to create custom exhibits and make attractions that transform the visitor experience? What if it could magically bring exhibits and attractions to life? And what if, at the same time, we could use the same RFID tech to simplify your team's life a little?

To answer the questions poking the back of our minds, our super nerdy R&D team got to work on a magic little box of tricks. Think of it as exhibition technology that opens exciting new doors for you, your visitors, and your team, both now and for museums of the future.

Learn more about how NeoPangea created this magic little Telekinetic Personalization Machine in our Lab.