Life Below Zero Demands Respect
Project Launch

Life Below Zero Demands Respect

Most Americans don’t have to deal with sub-zero temperatures, subsistence hunting, or defending their homes from apex predators, but the people who call Alaska home must learn to cope with nature’s challenges in order to survive. To celebrate the return of National Geographic Channel’s Life Below Zero series, NeoPangea bundled up, strapped on our best snowshoes, and created Life Below Zero Demands, an exhilarating visual narrative exploration of the virtues it takes to live in one of the rawest environments left on planet Earth.

Filmed throughout the Alaskan wilderness, Life Below Zero chronicles the adventures of colorful individuals and couples who live in these remote areas. The show reveals how challenging life can be in this land of unspoiled beauty and danger. The people who choose to live a rustic Alaskan lifestyle must possess the virtues of perseverance, ingenuity, resourcefulness, awareness, and bravery to be successful, so the series’ website focuses on the requisite virtues that each of the featured characters exemplify.

Site visitors will feel like they are part of the adventure as they explore exclusive content featuring the stars of Life Below Zero, including all-new video and audio clips, photos, and textual information about the Alaskan way of life. Immersive audio, subtle animations, and gripping narratives provide an insider look at the challenges of living on the frozen tundra.

National Geographic Channel’s all-new season of Life Below Zero premieres April 17 at 9 p.m.